Call Center Routes Buy & Sell

Call Center Routes Buy & Sell
Our network is optimised for termination of high volumes of CLI CC traffic. We use carrier-grade MediaCore SBC as our primary platform, which allows us to dedicate the needed capacity for smooth handling of the high Calls per Second (CPS) rates and low Average Call Duration (ACD) typical for Call Centre traffic.
Our dedicated team of account managers and engineers can quickly find the CLI CC routes with the specific parameters required by each client. We place a strong emphasis on supplying our clients only with superior-quality routes at competitive prices. We are able to achieve this thanks to the high number of active interconnections we have established. Our reputation is of utmost importance. This is why we always pay on time and adopt a flexible approach with each partner.

Dedicated Routing

Advance Media FZE offers a separate routing plan for CLI CC traffic, accepting calls with low ACD and high CPS rates. We don’t mix regular CLI and call-center traffic—thus meeting requirements of all our partners, including those who don’t accept CC and dialer traffic.

High Capacity

Our scalable and well-developed infrastructure can handle high volumes of CC traffic. We understand the ins-and-outs of call-centre work, and we are ready to cooperate with each client to ensure they get a route that suits them. Contact our team to get dedicated capacity for your CLI CC traffic.


We don’t require minimum monthly traffic commitments and don’t have any penalties and surcharges for low ACD, low traffic volumes or agreement termination. Our charges for call centres and other clients are based only on call volumes.

Our Top CC Destinations

  • Australia CC
  • New Zealand CC
  • Brazil CC
  • Belgium CC
  • France CC
  • Germany CC
  • UK CC
  • Italy CC
  • Spain CC
  • Sweden CC
  • Switzerland CC
  • USA CC
  • Canada CC
  • China CC
  • India CC
  • Japan CC
  • Malaysia CC
  • Taiwan CC
  • Thailand CC
  • Vietnam CC